JNCAA Program Details

Benefits for Students:

  • Develop knowledge that reflects industry trends, with a focus on Cloud Solutions, Network Automation, and DevOps.
  • The opportunity to obtain industry recognized Juniper certifications at ZERO expense.
  • Juniper certifications helps students stand out in a competitive employment market. The world’s biggest and busiest wired and wireless carriers, content and Internet service providers, cloud and data centre providers, and cable and satellite operators all run on Juniper Networks.
  • Gain hands-on experience with the latest in networking and automation through our cloud-based lab environment. We’re adding new courses and labs all the time allowing you to develop practical skills that will facilitate a successful career in the networking industry.
  • Apply newly-learned classroom knowledge in a practical setting. Juniper regularly hosts SDN throw downs for schools around the world in cooperation with Juniper OpenLab. We’ve also sponsored third party competitions, and provide access to intern and post-graduate employment opportunities.

Benefits for the Member Institution:

  • Access to leading-edge industry training that can complement an existing curriculum and enrich the educational experience for students. Current courseware includes IP networking, security, automation, DevOps, network design, and SDN.
  • Adding Juniper to the curriculum will help differentiate your school from other academic institutions and give students access to opportunities that require Juniper knowledge.
  • Member schools have the chance to collaborate with Juniper Networks, our partners and our customers., creating opportunities for your students and your faculty to gain valuable real-world experiences.
  • There’s very little burden on member instructors, with on-demand courseware and Juniper-hosted lab environments.
  • It’s easy to join. Simply register your program, tell us when you want to set up an On-Demand event for your students, and we’ll help you get it scheduled.

There’s generally no cost to your university or students. Our On-Demand events are free, the test vouchers for your students are free, the course materials are free, and there’s no membership charge.


Please send them to our team at JNCAA@juniper.net

JNCAA Components


Our Program is easy to join and allows students to begin receiving instruction almost immediately. What’s more, this can be done with very little effort from member instructors. We provide on-demand courseware and a cloud-based lab environment and once you become a member, you can immediately schedule events, and your students can get started.

If your aim is to go more in-depth with students, we do offer instructors the ability to do that as well. You can have access to a wide variety of course material (see below) and teach it yourself, and we offer generous discounts on equipment that allow you to build out your own lab environment. You can even mix and match to a certain degree (i.e. Use the On-Demand lecture materials, while hosting your own labs).


Upon completion of our courses, we offer vouchers for qualified students to use in achieving professional certification. In order to qualify, students must complete a course, pass a pre-test, and make a request. We also offer study help in the form of our Junos Genius continuous learning application with practice tests and other material that can aid students in preparing for exams.

Career Opportunities

Lastly, the JNCAA program promotes opportunities for employment both with Juniper and within our partner and customer communities. Service providers of all stripes, Fortune 500 companies, and a who’s who of businesses at the core of the new economy all use Juniper in their networks. Having FREE Juniper certifications can really help students stand out in a crowd.

Current Courses Available to JNCAA members

JNCAA Program Details

JNCAA Membership includes:

  • Free JNCAA membership (no yearly fees)
  • Free access to Juniper training materials and lab content -
    • Available via On-Demand
    • Schedule on-demand events with access to the cloud-based labs included
    • Or get access to the course and lab materials and teach it yourself at your own pace
  • Free of charge faculty “train-the-trainer” if you choose to teach it yourself
  • Students can obtain free certification vouchers if they complete the course and pre-test
  • Discounted physical lab equipment and software for schools
    (80% off on hardware – 60% on software)
  • Free virtual device (vSRX and vMX) software access
  • Enhanced opportunities for internships and post-graduate hiring with Juniper, as well as our partners and customers
  • Free welcome kit including Juniper posters and banners
  • Authorization to use the official JNCAA logo on the website
  • Access to the Junos Genius continuous learning application with practice tests and other materials
  • Invitations to compete in Juniper sponsored throwdown events focused on SDN and Automation
  • Cloud-based lab access with an environment hosted by Juniper Education Services
  • Ability to enroll in Juniper Open Learning events – a digital learning program with additional content and opportunities for professional certification

JNCAA Onboarding Steps:

Onboarding steps to the JNCAA Program

  • Once approved you are a member
  • Register all faculty members working with Juniper Networks course content

Apply to join